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  1. Hello, wondering if anyone has been through the metro state accelerated BSN prorgam and would like to share some information about the program? The website is not that intuitive and just wondering about the class schedules, etc....
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  3. by   dreams2bnurseco
    Hah I had no idea Metro offers an accelerated BSN! I just found out today that the community college system in colorado is now offering an ADN rather than just a nurses aide's about dang time....this state, and everywhere else, needs to open up some spots - wait lists are rediculous!
  4. by   GregRN
    Quote from DUPioneerGal
    Hah I had no idea Metro offers an accelerated BSN! I just found out today that the community college system in colorado is now offering an ADN rather than just a nurses aide's about dang time....this state, and everywhere else, needs to open up some spots - wait lists are rediculous!
    True. But there's more at work than just opening up some spots. Along with a shortage in nurses comes a shortage in nurse educators and CNS's. In addition, many hospitals are already bursting at the seams with students coming in and out. They, too, need support staff to effectively teach and train nursing students. So, you can't just open up some slots and increase school enrollment if you have no place to put them and without people to teach them.

    coopsc1, I followed the Metro State AccBSN program a couple years ago when it was in it's infancy stages. I was less than impressed with the communication, follow up and program overall. Further, they have had problems with turnover on their staff and have had constant battles with placements and much so that they have had to scale way back their plans for bringing in other students. That said, I have worked with a couple people who were in the very first graduating class of their program. They have said that the program certainly had some growing pains, disorganization and obstacles not usually seen with other programs. The staff turnover was difficult for them and things weren't always the smoothest. In spite of all the difficulties they also said that they had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX. There's not doubt that newer programs have some bumps that more established programs don't have. An AccBSN program is difficult enough without all that. So, form your own opinion and decide what kind of ride you want to be on.
  5. by   coopsc1
    Thanks for the replies. by looking at Metro's website it seems to be a bit unorganized, but also a good bit cheaper than Regis. I am baffled at some of the prerequisites needed to go to Regis (philosophy, religious studies (6 hours), not just psychology, but child psych also). I have over 280 hours of undergraduate, as well as graduate course work and I would still have to take 15 hours to be accepted to the accelerated program. It is a bit discouraging. It seems that Metro would be a better fit for me as far as prerequisites goes. However, I would not want to get into a program that has no clinical spots and poor teaching! Thanks again
  6. by   bigmike
    I am currerently finishing up the program at Metro. Its been a good experience and a lot of work. They basically divide the program into 9 6-week modules so our schedule is always changing. We are the third class and there are still some bumps that they are working out, but overall I think its been totally worth it. Feel free to ask me any questions about it - Mike
  7. by   darlanow
    Hi - I'm currently in the CHOICE program at Regis and thought I'd comment on the requirement for religious studies classes

    Regis is a Jesuit university and spirituality is woven throughout the program (e.g. service learning components to most classes). Because of that, they do require 6 hours of religious studies for admission. However, you have latitude as to what religion classes to take (they do not have to be Catholic, for instance). Just check to make sure they'll "count" - my Eastern Philosophy classes didn't even though they cover the same belief systems as the Eastern Religions class I took to satisfy the requirements!!

    If anyone is considering Regis, you might want to check out some of the Religion classes at Red Rocks Community College - much cheaper than Regis and people enjoyed them a lot (esp. Religion in Film and Native American Spirituality). I took mine online through Community College of Denver and it's A LOT of writing (papers and extensive essay exams, along with frequent participation in the discussion boards).

    I, too, checked out Metro's program in it's infancy. Loved the price, but couldn't swing the "no working while in school" part. That's why I'm doing CHOICE instead (2 year nights and weekends program for people who are working in the field).

    Good luck and good finances no matter what you end up doing!

  8. by   davwil52
    Hi, I'm trying to find out about Metro's BSN program, while I'm waiting to hear back about acceptance. I haven't been able to find out anything about the quality, reputation, difficulty, etc. of their program. How did your experience end up and do you have any additional info or suggestions? I've been accepted to Regis but have to take 5 additional classes for them, which adds up to big bucks with their tuition. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. by   darlanow
    If the 5 extra credits you're referring to are not nursing classes (i.e. upper division electives or religion classes), I'd definitely recommend taking them elsewhere!

    Red Rocks Community College has a number of weekend religious study programs that rate high with my fellow classmates for being enjoyable ways to get those credits out of the way. I took mine online from Comm. College of Denver, but there was a lot of writing required (long essay exams, papers).

    I already had other degrees, but classmates who had to take upper div. electives did 400 levels through Metro State, UCD, UNC, or CSU (online from the latter). Just make sure you check because I think Regis says 400 level (even though technically 300 and 400 levels are upper division)...

    One of my clinical instructors for peds also teaches in the Metro accelerated program. She was good. If you want her name, send me a private email since they don't want us posting names here.

    Good luck!


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