Lpn clinical hours needed for refresher course

  1. I have been trying to find a Skilled Nursing Facility in Colorado that would allow me to come in and do 80 hours of clinical to full-fill the requirement for my refresher course in order to get my Colorado LPN License. I have over 10 years hospital experience in New Jersey as well as home care experience. I had a place set up in Fort Collins even before a paid for the course, books, background checks, cpr and medical update and then the backed out afte I paid for these. I am realy stuck. I have sent letters to many across Colorado and have had only negative feed back. I am willing to travel anywhere I need to and I am open to anything. I would even do the 2 weeks as part of an unpaid no ties orientation program. If at the end of the 2 weeks I would be able to get an unrestricted LPN license and if the facility decided I would not fit their need there would be nothing lost to them since they did not have to pay me.
    I would appreciate any help someone may have or any suggestions. I so want to get this and have been working on this since last December. The refresher course by South Dakota State University is only good for 1 year and a feel I am running out of time. I need HELP!!!!!!
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