1. Hi! I'm fairly new to Colorado and just finishing my prereqs at FRCC Larimer. I've decided to go after an ADN instead of a BSN, if possible. I was looking at the community college website, where I will register all my transcripts and pick three schools to be put on the waitlist. Anyone out there had any experience with this system? I have been looking at the schools I could chose from the list, and I know that FRCC and ACC both have terrible wait-lists. At this point, my husband and I have decided we're willing to look almost anywhere, if I can just get into school. I'm trying to contact different schools but it seems like there's a bunch of red tape just to get more information! So I thought I'd ask here.
    I've been looking at the FRCC schools, but since the wait is so long I'm also considering pueblo community college. Anyone know anything about the wait list there? It looks like the track is first an LPN program, then the second year you can bridge to ADN. I'm willing to go to either the Pueblo campus or the Fremont campus. Also, I saw that Trinidad CC seems to have open positions. Anybody know anything about this school? Would there be a huge amount of travel for clinicals? Another thing I have heard from people in northern Colorado is that sometimes students travel up to the community college in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I looked for information on the wyoming board but it doesn't seem to be very active.
    I'm so desperate to finally get into school- I've done the prereq thing in two states for three years now, and waiting another three just to BEGIN a nursing program is going to make things rough. I also was interested in the University of Northern Colorado, if the community college route doesn't work, but I hear they're very competitive now, too. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
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