Denver School of Nursing- January 2019 cohort

  1. Hello! I just submitted my application for the Denver School of Nursing, January 2019 cohort. Anyone else?!
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  3. by   katrina52
    I'm almost ready to submit my application! I just need to finish my personal statement!
  4. by   kristin18
    That's exciting! Good luck! We will have to keep each other updated.
  5. by   mwatson89
    Hi I submitted mine back in late May, I am
    hoping we will hear back quickly! What kind of experience do you guys have and where are you coming from?
  6. by   kristin18
    The email from Rachel said we should hear back around August 13th! Hopefully sooner though I have worked as a CNA at a hospital trauma unit and I currently work in radiology at a hospital. I am coming from Denver! What about you?
  7. by   anyaniedz
    Hi! I applied about a week ago from California. Pretty nervous! I don't have any work experience, just volunteering experience.
  8. by   katrina52
    I just have experience working at a nursing home! I am trying to get on at a hospital now but havent had any luck yet. Also Im from denver!
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  9. by   dancampi
    I applied for the January cohort a few days after the opening of the application. I would be coming from Brooklyn, but I am so nervous to hear back! I have about a 3.7 prereq GPA and 2.8 cumulative, and experience in the ED, Ped. Onco and Geriatrics, also my current job as a clinical coordinator under the supervision of an RN. I hope we hear back before 8.13!

    Anyways, what are everybody else's stats like?

    Hoping to see you all January 2019!
  10. by   Msteele2011
    Hi everyone!

    I submitted my application right before the deadline of July 1st. I'm not super hopeful as I have about 5 prerequisites left to finish this fall but my overall GPA is a 3.9 and I'm currently working as a CNA at two local hospitals. I'll be applying to CU and Regis as well. Hope we hear soon!
  11. by   dancampi
    Hi everybody, I received an email last night to set up an interview with the school! Wondering if anyone else has heard back?
  12. by   mwatson89
    Congratulations! Yes I received an email last night too and I am SO EXCITED! I am coming from California, I already bought my HESI study guide and am looking forward to the interview in September!
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  13. by   Msteele2011
    I got an email yesterday too! Does that mean we can consider ourselves accepted? Judging from the last forums that's what people have been saying... I'm SO excited! Congrats to all of you!
  14. by   kacis
    I received an email Monday night! Super excited, I'll be coming from Oregon!