CU-Denver Summer 2013 Acceptance - page 2

Hello! Just curious if anyone who applied to CU-Denver Summer 2013 has heard anything yet? I am anxiously waiting and have checked my mail several times. On interview day we were told we hear... Read More

  1. by   leafleaf
    Thank you luvtoski and compassionpassion for sharing your info! I was about to call school.
    I have no idea how they do this (who to send letters first...), maybe with the alphabetical order? interview date??
    It's torture, but I guess I just have to be patient for a bit longer. Thanks again!
  2. by   SMB13
    Hi, I applied to the accelerated, but was offered a spot in the traditional program. My letter was dated 11/19, but didn't reach CA til 11/26. After reading that others received their letters I, too, was wondering if I missed the mark. I'm sure the holiday slowed down the mailing process, so hang in there!
  3. by   PaytonJane
    I just received my letter today. The letter date was 11/19, but the postmark was 11/26. I was accepted. Hang in there everyone!
  4. by   leafleaf
    I got my letter today too finally! and so relieved!
    Same with PaytoneJane, the letter was dated 11/19 but postmarked 11/26.
    Best of luck to everyone, and looking forward to meeting with you all!
  5. by   PaytonJane
    Has anyone tried to get to this link they sent out in the application letter? Every time I enter it is says Page Not Found!
  6. by   asthecrowflies
    i typed the link in as written and it worked for me. here, try the direct link: BS Newly Admitted Summer | CU College of Nursing | University of Colorado Denver
  7. by   PaytonJane
    Thank you so much asthecrowflies!
  8. by   cqueen20
    I too received my acceptance letter yesterday. It was written 11-19 and post marked 11-26. Was beyond excited! I cant wait to get started. Has anyone taken a look at the check list of things to do before class starts? Its kind of a lot!
  9. by   hsant
    this is a little bit late but congratulations to you guys!!
  10. by   luce8888
    Hi guys! Does anyone know if there is a facebook group for our class? I am not good with facebook and didn't know if there is one and I just can't find it!
  11. by   nursinghopeful233
    Hello, I am thinking about accepting my admission to CU nursing school and am wondering how your program is going? Your likes/ dislikes etc., any info would be greatly appreciated!