Colorado Springs nurses?

  1. Hello! I am interested in chatting with some COS nurses. What's the nursing climate like in the Pikes Peak region these days?
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  3. by   BeccaRN1970
    Hi there -

    I see that you posted this some time ago; hopefully you are still out there!

    Colorado Springs' nursing climate is mixed. There are only two hospital chains - the city (county?) hospital and a private, Catholic hospital. (Read: Very little competition with pay, environment, LOTS of competition if you're trying to branch out into a specialty area). As an RN with almost 9 yrs experience I make $25.00/hr, and that includes my PRN "bonus". Our floor is almost always short RNs or CNAs, on the dayshift that means up to 7 pts (usually 6), 3-4 of which usually are high acuity.

    By competition in the specialty areas, I mean that there are fewer spots, and usually you have to sign a contract for night shift work, say for 2 years or so, if you are willing to work there. (Because of the turnover)

    Both systems are opening up another hospital in the northern part of town; one in the beginning of 2007 and one in 2008. I have no idea how this will affect pay or staffing; I'm not even sure where they'll find RNs since we're already short. But maybe they will - the staffing grid already short-staffs us ("What do you mean you're short? The grid only calls for 4 RNs for 28 pts...")

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    Thanks very much for responding. That gives me a good picture of what things are like in the hospitals right now. Any idea what the situation is in LTC?

    Hope you had a nice holiday season!
  5. by   MUSA91C
    im planning to move to COS in the next few months myself...are ther no jobs for a 12 yr LPN??? any help would be appreciated...
  6. by   BeccaRN1970
    I'm sorry, I don't know anything about the LTC environment. Yes, new grads are LOVED on the night shift, but depending on the floor, after your orientation you can sometimes switch to days or evenings if you like 8 hr shifts.

    As far as LPN's - I would check with the agencies. I have worked with several excellent LPNs in the past who came from an agency. I believe being IV certified helps but not all of them were.

    MUSA91C - sounds like you are prior military? Evans Army Hospital employs quite a few from what I understand (sorry, semisweetchick - forgot about that one). This is second-hand info though! The Army community is growing here as well, as we are having quite a few new families moved within the next year. So maybe some new wings added to EAH?

    Hope this helps!:spin:
  7. by   MUSA91C
    YES prior Army..trained at BAMC in San Antonio..where is evans?? I am IV certifiead, ACLS etc...alot for an LPN, so I hope it
  8. by   bearsden

    To add to what is already been said. Memorial is opening up their new branch this year (in a few months). Some of the jobs are already posted in their web site. The new facility is called North.

    MUSA, Evens is at Ft Carson, here in the Springs.
  9. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    Thanks for all the info, Bearsden! I hadn't even thought about Evans, but that is a def possiblility. I will check that out.

    Best to you in the new year,
  10. by   MUSA91C
    I did some training at Ft Carson..Ill have to look into that...wheres memorial??
  11. by   rpbear
    I am also new to the springs and am looking for a job. Right now I am waiting for the BON to process my license then I can start interviewing, most places wouldn't interview until I had a license in CO. I am leaning toward memorial, but also have apps in at penrose. I will see what comes up. I am a L&D RN if anyone has any inside info about L&D. I am also open to office nursing or clinic (womens health only) if anyone knows of any openings.

  12. by   bearsden

    Memorial Hospital is located at 1400 E. Boulder St (Near Union). The north branch is located near the intersection of Briargate Parkway and Union.
  13. by   balkandina
    If you are interested in Psych nursing I've heard thatyou can get a job easily at Cedar Springs, a private hospital. Most of the doctor offices use MAs. This is a very conservative town and there is not a lot of unionization.
  14. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    Thanks for the tip about Cedar Springs. Maybe that will be an option.

    I've worked in other unionized jobs in the Springs, and those unions were never very powerful. That's often the case in "right to work" states. I'm hoping the ongoing hospital expansions will create a temporary shortage of nurses, which should drive wages up a bit (or at least give us some more bargaining power). At least, we can hope!