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Hello! I am interested in chatting with some COS nurses. What's the nursing climate like in the Pikes Peak region these days?... Read More

  1. by   roxyroo
    it's a beautiful city. The two hospitals work together closely to keep wages down and pass employees back and forth regularly.In Penrose the don't worry about the shortage, they just pile more pts onto the nurse...for instance the icu nurses regularly take three critical patients and do primary care, and that is not based on how sick the patients are, just room location.On one busy post-op floor,the nurses don't get a cna until there are 24 patients, and these nurse may have up tp 7 or 8 patients esch with no help. basically the conditions are deplorable, and you have no options, but the city is so beautiful and cheap, and so much to do it's a trade off:uhoh21:
  2. by   Luv4LTC
    ][FONT=Fixedsys] Looks like noone has posted here in awhile. I hope you all found a great place to work already. I'm an LPN, and moved here 2 yrs ago from GA. It was really hard to get a job! None of the hospitals are hiring LPNs, except military, and then you need IV cert. (Which I didn't need in GA, and will cost $500.) Most offices hire MAs, or pay $14/hr or less (that's what I was paid for 20 yrs exp.?!?) Agency is big here, but be careful you could get in iffy situations (and the pay doesn't compensate at all). LTC is the best bet - if you can get in one of the top ones. Now I work for a great Catholic LTC facility. The pay and benifits are good, and the people are great! Our pt/staff ratio is really good. Like anywhere there are problems, but I'm happy.
  3. by   oonami
    Hello everybody! I'm a newly registered nurse here in the Philippines & currently, a trainee in peri-operative nursing in a regional hospital. I'm interested to know the needed steps to practice my vocation in Colorado Springs. BTW, I'm going to be there end of this year or early next year to be with my Honey. More power to you all & God bless :-)