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  1. hi,
    i'm an Australian RN and will be sitting my NCLEX in Sydney in April. Assuming that i pass... i was hoping to find an employer(hospital)willing to petition for me to work in CO(or possibly CA). i would also try and sort out my CES and possibly my visascreen before i went around hounding HR departments. does anyone know of any hospitals that will, or have petitioned for foreign nurses in the past? of course... i'm a bit of a snob... and would love somewhere close to the snow(have done 5 winter seasons, resort work, in Keystone/Vail/Aspen in the past 8 years)... however understand that beggars can't be chosers... therefore open to all suggestions!
    what rate of pay would i expect... i've been nursing in Australia for 6 years, mainly in onoclogy.
    all information welcome, and enjoy all that glorious snow. extremely jealous!
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