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Just seeing who has applied to the CU Nursing traditional program for a summer 2013 start. Has anyone been asked for an interview yet? I haven't heard anything yet. Thanks! Shannon... Read More

  1. by   Kiro686
    I got my acceptance letter two weeks ago. I applied accelerated since I already have a Bachelor's degree but made it into the traditional. I was super excited, but after the interview day I realized how much the program would cost and it was WAY more than I expected ($60,000-$70,000 in state!). The nursing degree is my 2nd degree so unfortunately I can't afford CU's program at this point. I'll be declining the offer and giving my spot to someone else. Congratulations to everyone who made it in though-this school was definitely my top choice
  2. by   AdamD
    I'm curious where you're getting that number. It costs $340 per residence credit hour with COF subsidization and there are 66 credit hours in the program. 66 x $340 = $22,440 (not including fees and cost of living).

    Here's a link to the cost of tuition: College of Nursing | Academic Life | University of Colorado Denver

    Here's a link to the number of credit hours we'll be taking: of Study.pdf

    What am I missing?
  3. by   bird8
    @SuebNP - u have to accept within 4 wks of your acceptance & they were totally chill about my telephone interview - good luck !!
  4. by   luce8888
    Does anyone know when in June the program begins?
  5. by   PaytonJane
    I believe the program starts the first week of June.

    I have no idea how you got that 60-70K number for cost! The total cost of the program was estimated by the school to be around $32K.
  6. by   Tanjuchale
    Hi everybody,I was placed on the call list for the 2013 traditional program and got a call yesterday. I am so grateful, as this was very unexpected. Now I am wondering if anybody has an idea of what a nursing students schedule could look like?i have been staying home with my now 2yr old so I just want to get an Idea of what to expect?I am very exited to have been offered this spot after all
  7. by   PaytonJane
    Congrats on your acceptance! That's awesome! I'm in the exact same position - I'm staying home with my 2 year old and I need to figure out if she will need to be in part time or full time care. I plan on calling them in the next day or so and I'll come back here to share what they tell me.
  8. by   Tanjuchale
    Thanks PaytonJane, also I am glad to hear about someone else doing this with a toddler!
  9. by   asthecrowflies
    Hi all,

    I had posted before about being accepted to the traditional pathway, although I had applied for accelerated. I received a phone call yesterday that an accelerated spot had opened up. They offered me the spot and I accepted it (meaning I also freed up my traditional spot as of today). Congrats to those accepted and best of luck to those waiting for a call!
  10. by   PaytonJane
    Congrats Asthecrowflies!!!!

    Tanjuchale, I heard back from CU. It appears we will be in class from 8-1 at least 3 days a week, we will have a 5-hour lab once a week, and scheduled time in the sim lab every week as well. They basically said that clinicals will be scheduled whenever, wherever. The message I got is that we will be occupied 5 days a week, maybe more. Based on that I will have to opt to do full-time care for my daughter, as opposed to part time. They do not suggest anyone works more than 20 hours a week in any other jobs while in the program.
  11. by   Tanjuchale
    Ok thanks, PaytonJane for finding that out. I also have looked at full time day care with some sort of preschool for the little one I luckily don't work so one less worry there...
  12. by   leafleaf
    Hi PaytonJane,
    I was also curious about the schedules... The info you got, is it for summer or fall?
    I have two kids, and trying to find out what to do for the summer because they'll be on break. Also when I looked at the academic calender, there are 8-week course and 10-week course. Do you know which course we will be on? Just wondering when we finish the summer class... Thanks!
  13. by   PaytonJane
    Hey Leafleaf,

    They weren't really clear about summer versus fall. I believe that it applied to both - that we are required to be available 5-7 days a week, basically. My main question was if my daughter would need to be in full time or part time care, and it was clear that she needs to be in full time, starting in summer. I'd email your advisor with any specific questions!