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If you have five extra minutes (yeah, right) ;-) please post and let us know how it's going. I'm considering this school for ADN. Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   bridgfor428
    i'm not entirely sure but i don't think it's too hard. if you are applying for the bsn program you need to have a prior bachelor's or at least 90 hours towards one. other than that, it might mostly just be waiting out the wait list, which was like 8 months for me.

    as for the accreditation thing, i don't know if last years past rate (72%) was a factor with the process or not. however i am pretty sure it is not any more. i've been told they are moving ahead regardless of the pass rates. this could also have to do with the fact that DSON graduates classes 4 times a year, hence 4 new sets of NCLEX scores per year. and i think the spring group of THIS year averaged 88%, which still wasn't great, but the summer group (ADN and BSN combined) achieved 94%. this was a big concern of mine before but i guess they have made dramatic improvements in pass rates.