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Hey all! I was back and forth between choosing the RN to BSN program at Mercy College or College of New Rochelle. Although I hear Mercy has a good nursing program, I decided to go with CNR. I would have to take fewer classes at CNR and the admissions counselor and my advisor won me over. But I don't really know much about the professors. Can anyone tell me your experience with CNR, the faculty, and clincals. I want to make sure I made the right choice.

I am currently a student at CNR (2nd degree) with B+ gpa. I would only recommend the school to my worst enemy. The only good things at the school are 1) aesthetically pleasing campus and 2) the clinical affiliations are at the area's top medical centers. The downside to that is that your clinicals will almost always be on Fridays and/or Saturdays (day or evening). Some of the professors are good and really know their stuff. But most just read from powerpoint slides and toss NCLEX, ATI questions at you, calling it a review. The laboratory resources are minimal. We get to practice on a dummy with half of a body. Clinical staff complains of CNR's students' lack of assessment skills. Also, clinical staff seem to be as disenchanted as the students. The dean's office and administration act as if they care about student concerns, but every semester they never fail to come up with some new rule or "Code of Conduct" that causes students more strife and anguish. I would transfer if I wasn't so far into the program.

Do yourself a favor and go to a cheaper, state-funded school. If you have specific questions, look up my other posts or send me a message. Or if you really want to know what its like, come to the school and talk to some students. Better yet, come to one of the forums with the dean. They usually post these meetings on the SON bulletin board.

MzAmerykah WOW R U SERIOUS! I did not know it was like this. I'm so confused now about the choice I made. R u in the upper division nursing classes yet? I was told it is the same profs. for these classes. I'm curious to find out the professors that you mention that r good. I cant send messages yet i think i have to have 15 posts, but i will definitely check out your other posts and the bulletin board. The only class that i have to take which involves a clinical is the last one community health nursing....Thank you for your response.

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