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I've tried to research this and find the right path to take but I simply get overwhelmed and give up. I have my Associates degree in nursing and have 18 years experience in my field. I want to become a PMHNP but I CAN NOT find my way. I live in Mississippi. As I said earlier, I have my Associates degree but can't find a suitable online program that fits my life. Most programs require chemistry and/or statistics and I have neither. It's been 20 years since I've been in school, in a classroom and I can't imagine stepping back in a classroom. I am attempting to find a program that doesn't require either of these but I realize I may have to take them. Another huge hurdle, my GPA while in school was 2.69. I found one college that was perfect, completely online but my GPA was just too low. I currently work full time at a Crisis Intervention Center and have been there 12 years. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thank you all so much.

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Check with the school you are wanting to attend and see if they accept CLEP credits for Statistics, I believe Chemistry is also available to CLEP test out of but if your school requires a chem lab component this may not be an option. If they accept CLEP credit then you study for the test, pay, and test. 

Thank you so much for that information!

You can't become a PMHNP without graduate school, so you have a long road ahead of you full of classes. But you can do it! Find the program that works for you (I'm assuming a remote one?), talk to their advisors, ask them where to start. You could find an ADN to RN/BSN to MSN program in psych, but since they are competitive and require work, just start with one foot in front of the other. Statistics with a "B" or better is required in all programs as far as I know, so sign up for this at tour local community college, dive in and rock it! 🙂

I am looking for an ADN to MSN program in psych. I am aware that I will have to attend graduate school. Thank you for your information.

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2.5 years ago, I was an ADN with 10 years experience as an RN and decided to become a psych NP. I researched the programs I wanted to attend for my RN-BSN and found a few that fit my needs. I was missing some prereqs to get in (including statistics, history, etc.), so I completed those at a community college and made sure my grades were stellar. I applied to 2 RN-BSN accelerated programs during my last CC semester and was accepted to both. I completed my RN-BSN in 1.5 years and made sure my grades were also stellar in that program. I applied to my 2 PMHNP DNP programs and 1 PMHNP MSN program 2 weeks after I graduated. I will start my program in the Fall. 

I hope that helps! It seems like a long road, and it is, but if this is your dream, realize that that time is going to pass anyway. Might as well be working towards something you really want to do.

Feel free to reach out if you need elaboration. Good luck! 

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