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Hi all.

I was working all weekend (nights), and a patient I had I had been following and updating the MDs...I noticed her confusion and other signs first. Well it turned out when I got to work yesterday that I had been right in my feeling that her condition was worsening...but the MDs wouldnt transfer her to ICU yet. I followed her status during the night, updated the MDs (I am vague for privacy), and they finally came down, and we had what would be a code on the floor, essentially (intubation, ect).

While I updated the 'new to the scene' MD on her ongoing history, both the other floor nurses, the aide, and the charge RN were gowned up in the room. Then one of the nurses said I needed to call report on the patient to ICU for eventual transfer. I did, and as I was coming back, there were call lights going off. I asked the aide to help with that. He told me (he is a new grad 1 yr ago unable to find a 'suitable' job) that I should call the aide on the next station (I did and they said I needed to use my aide). He again refused to help, and stood there in the room.

Well, I was answering call lights while my patient was being intubated! They were all in there observing. I told my chg nurse later I was unhappy with this. I also told one of the nurses who said "I was helping, and if you dont like how the teamwork on this floor is..., I feel like I am being attacked, ect"

wow. I am disgusted, and feel disrespected, and the pt disrespected... anyway, constructive criticism plz. the rn's response made me feel like a biotch, when I did a really good job with this pt all w/e.

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We recently had a directive concerning this on the floor where I work as an NA - they are trying to cut down on the number of people standing around watching while someone is coding - I agree that while teamwork and wanting to help out is great, sometimes you reach a point where more extra bodies don't really help but just get in the way, and other things may be left unattended in the meantime. I'm with you on this one......


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Well, first of all great job with catching the early signs of deterioration on your patient. In regards to the other situation, I think you charge nurse should have stepped up and instructed the aide to leave the room to tend to the other patients. As the primary nurse for the patient, it was your duty to remain with the patient and available to answer any questions the doc had and to call report to the receiving unit. In fact, at least one, if not both, of the other floor nurses should/could have been helping tend to the other patients, including ensuring the rest of your patient assignment was okay, which would have been a great help to you so that you could focus on your sick patient until she was transferred. I think the charge should have done some "crowd control." I know things get exciting and hectic during emergent situations, but like someone else mentioned, more (in terms of people) is not always better as I'm sure you probably also had a respiratory therapist present as well.

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As a new grad if I am working on the floor in the capacity of a tech I do what the nurse delegates to me--bottom line. And secondly, during a code it's so easy for the rest of the unit to be forgotten about. Working as a tech in the ICU & a cardiac unit, codes/emergencies seem to happen in clusters for some reason. Taking the initiative of maintaining safety on the unit is just as important a job as the nurse doing compressions, IMO.

Thanks all for the replies.

I was wondering the response of this nurse when I said to her that csll lights were going off, and I was that patients nurse-- answering lights, and everyone was in the room but me.

Her response was as I stated above, very defensive. I feel so disrespected! I called in sick today because I was so disgusted!! And made to feel like (as I said) a biotch for even mentioning it. Do I need to apologize and say, oh I am sorry I didnt know you were only trying to 'help'.

Anyway, how can I keep working there when I feel everyone is so selfish?? Its a real morale bummer.

I have been trying hard to focus on my work, sometimes I feel alone on this unit because of that.


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I would have a difficult time accepting the tech's behavior. Big frigging deal, he was hired in part to answer lights, that needs to be addressed. If he's saying that now, imagine the type of nurse he's liable to be. Sometimes you just need to be blunt and be their idea of a *****, not everyone needs to be in the room when someone crashes, they just like to watch and "ooh and ahh".

You were diligent and aware of the changes going on with your patient, you took care of your patient, that's the kind of nurse I would want and the fact that you felt responsible and answered some of the call lights shows you have a willingness to be a part of the team and that's always a good thing, stay with your patient though, the doc needs your input.

Keep doing the same, people will realize they can count on you...and really it's not so big a deal to hear people say "She's a good nurse, she can be a ***** though!"