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I am interested in the ADN program at Coastal College. I have heard it is super competitive to get accepted. I spoke with an advisor and she said gpa and teas are crucial at getting into the program. But still no guarantee. I have spoken with students that say that there gpa wasn't good, but their teas score was in the 80's and they got in. I have also heard that some applicants had great gpa's ... but didn't make the cut.

Math is a weakness of mine. College Alg really. She said my Math grades stink. And worries that I will do poorly in nursing school. That there are math tests given monthly and you have to pass them with flying colors. I am hoping the tests are more drug calculated/conversion oriented and NOT alg.

So tell me. What is it really like? I will be a single mom entering the program if I get accepted.

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I can't comment on the acceptance part of it, but I can comment on the math tests as far as the ADN program.

I am in my 3rd semester at CCGA, set to graduate in May. They have a med calc test every semester that eventually you need to get 100% on by 4th semester (85% 1st semester, 90% 2nd semester, 95% 3rd semester, 100% 4th semester) You get three tries each semester to pass the test, and you fail all three, you fail the class.

The tests are not that hard, it's just basic med calc/conversion questions that get progressively harder each semester. You'll need to know grams-milligrams, milligrams-grains, drop rate calculations and such. We use the clinical calculations book by Kee and Marshall if you're interested in peeking at the material.

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