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CNR Harlem Spring Cohort '17


Hello anyone ,

I am currently in the accelerated 18 month program in Harlem and I thought I should share my experience. This is a warning to anyone who is considering applying to the Harlem spring cohort- look at other schools. We are the first Harlem spring cohort and it has not been easy on any level. We feel as though we are the forgotten stepchildren of CNR being forced to sleep by the fireplace; but we have NO hope of getting a fairy godmother. The ball is graduation, and because the program is ran so horridly we will do anything to get to the dam ball. Ok- I'm going overboard with the fairytale, but I'm just saying- this is FAR from a fairytale :cry:.

I cannot speak for the New Rochelle Fall cohort but the Harlem cohort "advisor" and Coordinator are very unorganized and rarely there to help. It's like those two only work when you reach out to the Dean looking for them. So far I see that we are paying 12K for pure uselessness :uhoh3:.

The new "campus" is not ready so for the entire semester we are forced to take our classes in a run down building filled with loud employees. We do not have privacy, or a suitable real library, or actual classrooms. Some "classrooms" are so crowded due to the arrangement of the grade school chairs and tables that we are literally on top of each other. I thought it was just our "campus" that is a tad on the ratchet side but honestly when you encounter some employees from the main campus you will truly unprofessionalism is a requirement to work there, a few seem as though they might have just been released :blink:.

The professors are not bad, of course some teaching methods are better then others and most of the work is self taught, but that's just school...Right :down:? Besides nonsense Sherpath (I don't think I have enough energy to explain my HATRED for Sherpath :mad:) what makes the program hard is how unorganized those who are running the program are. You can't even focus on your work because they are not there to help you when it comes to registration or clinical placement. They treat clinical placement as a last minute wild card. The Harlem cohort gets the bottom of the barrel. The clinical lab is a joke, we never had enough supplies and then when you say anything about it certain people make it seem as though you are being bad and bougie (and not like the catchy rap song :headphone:). We don't get options for clinical sites while the other cohorts do. We are forced into hospitals such as Harlem Hospital and Lincoln. My clinical was at Harlem Hospital, so I cannot speak about Lincoln. I truly went to Harlem Hospital with an open mind and eager to get some hands on experience, but BOY oh BOY :no:. It's like CNR even attracts unprofessionalism;Harlem Hospital is not an appropriate place for any student. We did not get trauma but instead A LOT of unprofessional behavior by the nurses. We saw what not to do as nurses, I guess that's was a good thing :yawn:.

This is my first semester and if our fairy godmother does show up and change things, I'll give an update. As of now- I am a frustrated 1st semester student praying that things get a little better... :brb:.

Hey!How's it going so far? Any improvements? I'm debating between choosing the New Rochelle campus or Harlem. Any update will be much appreciated.