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CNM/MSN programs in Eastern MA?



  • Is anyone aware of masters midwifery programs in MA?

I want something challenging and valuable, but any suggestions are welcomed for me to look into for myself later.

I am from Essex county, and that is the area that I will going back to, but I am willing to travel some.

Thank you!

Mrs. D.

I am a little confused with online education, however, I have hear the name Frontier before. I have a few questions that maybe you could answer for me.

-How do you practice or complete clinical if the courses are all online?

-Wouldn't it be extremely difficult to complete an online degree?

-Are online graduates as well educated as graduates taught in a traditional classroom?

-Are online degrees held in as high a regard as traditional degrees?

I honestly have never considered an online education, probably because of the negative stigmas attached to any online degree. I wish I knew the benefits and challenges that go along with online education.

Thank you for any help you can offer,

Mrs. D.