Cnm as contract employee?

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I am a cnm with 7 yrs experience. I have been offered a position in a physicians office as a contract employee "because I will be part time." I am not entirely sure what all of the implications are from that.

I assume this means no benefits, no pto, etc. I plan on clarifying what exactly this means to him but I wondered if anybody had any experience with this or advice to share.

He wants me to tell him how much vacation I want so it can be written I to the contract...totally up to me how much.

What else do I need to make sure s included in the contract to protect myself?

The payrate he is offering is ok but not great considering no benefits but will go up in 6 mos or so when I no longer need to be proctored (ice been out of practice a few years.. he wants to follow me for awhile)....any preference autumn's or advice there?

I completely suck at negotiations.


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Being contracted would mean that you aren't an employee at all. That means you would basically be a sole proprietor of your own small business. Your paychecks would not be reported to the IRS, no taxes withheld, no FICA, no benefits, no retirement/401k, etc. I'm new here, and don't know what pto means. I'm wondering about malpractice insurance as well. If you take this deal, you will be self-employed, and you will need to pay your own taxes, and have your own insurance and such. So, if you approach this with the idea that you are a small business entity offering your services to this potential client, you can do whatever you want with it. It's your own business. This would obviously be the ultimate in freedom, but would also give you a lot of personal responsibility that may or may not make this an attractive offer to you.