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CNET Exam For Evening LPN Program in NYC?


Good Day All!

I'm posting this to possibly connect with others that are attending the Mildred Elley evening LPN program in downtown Manhattan. I'm very excited that i am in the process, I passed the schools entrance exam with great feedback and I have been approved to sit for the CNET exam at the school.

Im still deciding on a date to take it, I want to be as prepared as possible. They said that if you dont pass or if you arent selected, then you will have to take part in the Medical Assistant program in the meanwhile while you prepare to retake the CNET again. So the goal is to ACE it completely with as close to a PERFECT SCORE as you can. But i want to do the best the first time around and ACE it and get into the LPN program straight through, no questions, without all the other hoops n hurdles.

Please add your support or your experience with your goals and plans to pass this test.

I would love to get a line of support for us adults that are furthering our education and take steps to climb this Medical field career ladder.

hello, guys it is good to find you. i registered the c net , i heard they don't have science on teas test , is that true? i called the lady today and they said that , by the way , she said even we pass both of test c net and teas , it is not 100 percent we will go for LPN program we have to apply, anyone here knows is that hard to apply to be accepted or?? what kind of document do they need? i moved to newyork not long ago. if didn't get into this c net lpn program . any other way i can go to school for LPN? i am really looking forward to go to school.