CNEP Class 106... Wait List?

Specialties CNM


Hey guys! I recently applied to Frontier's CNEP Class 106. According to their facebook page, acceptance e-mails should have gone out 7/1-7/9. As of right now it is 6:05pm EST on 7/9 and I have yet to receive anything. I am entirely expecting to be waitlisted since I barely got my application in by the extended deadline, but it still makes me nervous not to have even gotten a wait list e-mail. From reading other posts, it sounds like Frontier is kind of inconsistent about notifying applicants of their wait list status. I know it is entirely possible that this also means I will be receiving a denial letter in the mail, but based on my qualifications I am hopeful that that is not the case. Has anyone who applied to CNEP Class 106 heard anything about being wait listed?? Anybody with previous wait list experience from other classes care to shed some light on the situation? I would greatly appreciate it! And congrats to those of you who have already been notified of their acceptance! I hope to be joining your ranks soon!

Did u ever hear anything?

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