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CNA is it worth it?

by deahugh deahugh (New) New

So, right now I'm taking my pre-requisites for nursing at my local community college, but ive been going back and forward on getting my CNA certification. Is it worth doing? At the moment I'm working full-time making decent money, but im looking to get some experience working in a hospital, but I don't know if I should just volunteer or obtaining my certification.

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I think that the real answer to your question is "It depends." There is not a simple "one size fits all answer." Being a CNA can help you get a few skills prior and get comfortable in a clinical environment prior to experiencing nursing school clinicals. It can also help you network and develop a reputation of clinical competence that might help you get a job.

That's if and only if things go well. If you end up working in a bad place ... or one you hate ... etc., it could really turn you off to nursing. You could also learn a lot of bad habits that you'll have to break. Also, having a job in the "wrong" place might actually hurt your chances of getting a great job after graduation if that job prevents you from volunteering at your dream employer, or doing some other sort of special thing during school that will help get you where you really want to be.

So ... you need to get some detailed information about your local area, types of CNA jobs that you can reasonably expect to get, etc. You also need to see how well the CNA opportunities match your dream jobs. Will you be enjoying your likely CNA job? Will you be working where you want to be after graduation? With the type of patients you will want to work with? Networking with the right people to further your career? etc.

After you get that information, then you can decide whether it would be a good fit for your needs. Being a CNA can help -- if it's a good match -- but it is not necessary and may be a bad idea if it is not a good match.

Thank you for your comment! it was really helpful to me.