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I'm 35 and recently decided to go back to school for nursing after being a SAHM. I enrolled in CNA training and my first term of pre-reqs. I'm finishing up the 30 day CNA course and to my surprise, I love it so far. I feel like is super rewarding. And I also love how fast paced it can be. It feels like a good endurance work out to me! Keeping a positive attitude and respectful with the patients/residents comes naturally. Honestly, my question is, do nurses get as much time with patients? It seems like in the facilities we've done CNA clinicals at the nurses are mainly at computers. What are some nursing specialties that have the most time with the patients? I wish I had more time... If I was younger I'd do CNA for several years just because it is so needed.

(Yes, I realize I've only done 2 weeks of CNA work so my enthusiasm level could change)

I don't get your question....CNA is a certified nursing assistant. Nurses are working with patients was with as CNA's.....Whats the point of your question???

Being in the assisted living and subacute facilities for CNA training, it seems like 80% of the time the nurses are on computers. So my question is, what kind of nursing position would have the most hands on time with patients? Or do you as a nurse feel you do get a lot of time with patients?

Hospice spends a good amount of time with patients as well as private duty home health nursing

Specializes in LTC, Rehab, Vascular Telemetry, Med Surg.

It seems that the more a nurse moves up the ladder, the more paperwork they do and the less time the nurses spend with patients. Its the CNAs and Techs who spend more time with the patient anyone else.

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