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What are the requirements for teaching a CNA course in either a LTC center or a community college?

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First of all, each state is different. In Illinois, there is a one week instructor course that one takes to become an instructor and you must have one year of experience in LTC prior to this course. With an advanced degree, you can ask to waive the course through the IDPH. I have a MSN degree, but still went to the course which was excellent. Check out the website in your state.

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Great! Thanks for the info.


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Every state must follow the OBRA Federal Law of 1989 to establish criteria for a cna program and a state registry. Most states conduct a mandatory Train The Trainer Workshop prior to teaching the course. Here in Georgia we have nursing home programs, high school, votech and private programs. Each instructor must send proof of the workshop attendance, current state nursing license and a resume to see if years of work and type of work meet the state law. You need to search the internet for your state. Search: Type your state and add Nurse Aide Training. Most states have their law on the internet. Good luck, Kathy Shoemaker. Contact me at [email protected] for more info.


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In my state, an RN who wants to be a CNA instructor has to take a course to learn how to teach adults. Has anyone taken one of these? Where did you find it?


I found a course on teaching adult learners through a community college, an online course which was very reasonably priced. Surprisingly, it took me a while to find it, having to look at several community college "continuing education" courses till I finally found it. In my state, such a course actually isn't required for being a CNA instructor, only for being a program director. The WACs and RCWs for my state told me all the laws related to being such an instructor (found which ones to look at through our Dept. of Social and Health Services' website), which is really good to know.

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Find out who provides the certificates to aides in your state and look up info on the Intranet or call them.

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