CNA training & certification form LTC/Assited Living/Nursing home facility?

by zeezur (New) New

Well, nothing has been going as planned. My plan was to attend an accelerated BSN program since I just got by BA from a four year uni, but my GPA is horrible so I decided to do the 2 year nursing program at my local CC. I figured the first step in getting my foot in the door is to become a CNA, but I've hit a few road blocks. I was planning on doing a CNA program but they're all really expensive. All four community colleges around my area have shut down their CNA program. The commercial schools (the ones on TV with commercials) are charging 3000-4000 for CNA classes. I also called the Red Cross but they are full and their next open session isn't until august/september. The local high school/continuation schools are a semester long and won't start until september. I am itching to start working as a CNA.

This leads me to the actual question. I've read a few posts on here where people have gotten their CNA license and training via a Long Term Care facility. Most people say they were trained for free in exchange for committing to work for the facility for at least a year. I know many have said the working conditions are a bit ugly or harsh, but I don't care! I am willing to put in the work. One year is a long commitment, but I am not moving anywhere, have no kids, and no other responsibilities except bills.

Anyway, do these type of programs still exist? If so, who do I contact? or do I just call every single LTC facility in my area and inquire will you train me in exchange for my labor?”

More information that might be helpful: I am a guy, 23, living in Los Angeles, California. I do have previous work experience (not in health care).

Any responses are greatly appreciated! Thank you allnurses for helping a lost individual, haha.