CNA skills exam in Florida


What 3 skills did you get on your CNA skills exam in FLORIDA???

Thank you

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Ambulation, Partial Bed Bath, and Pulse + Respirations


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Hi! I have one question: do you wear gloves while doing foot care?..because it doesn't mention on the Florida Checklist..Thank you


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I had washing hands, blood pressure, assist in feeding, range of motion for one knee and ankle, and ambulate with gait belt. That's a good question, I was wondering about that a lot before I took my exam. I think you're supposed to wear gloves, the rule that I learned in my CNA class was that whenever there's something wet, dirty, and anything you don't want on your hands is to wear gloves. I also don't think you would be marked off for wearing gloves. You should ask other students who are there with you when you take your exams whether or not to wear gloves for foot care.


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Thank you so much!..wish me luck;)..