Hello everyone,

I have just enrolled myself into my local community college to take the pre-req science (anatomy & physiology + chemistry courses with lab) to be able to apply into an accelerated BSN program, as I already have a BS from the UofI. However, I am wondering if after my completed courses or during their completion if I should take the right course(s) to become a CNA first, as my current situation is 1. poor, 2. living at home, and 3. in need of a GOOD paying job (my definition of good is essentially something that will pay me more than minimum wage and hopefully get me out of my parents house within a year). I understand the CNA-BSN route is a longer one than the ACCL BSN, but I need to start making decent money and I figure the sooner I do that, the easier it will be to start paying off my past and upcoming (for continued education) loans.

ANY advice would be GREATLY appreciated; the more opinions and personal experiences, the better.


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You may want to look into BA/BS to BSN programs. I know Lewis University has a Bachelors to BSN program which is designed for those that already have a Bachelors degree and are looking for a career change into Nursing. I have provide the link below.

Also, I think getting your CNA is a good idea as you'll be able to work and gain some experience. Also if you are working as a CNA you might be able to have your employer pay (tuition reimbursement) for your RN degree.