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CNA, Phleb, EKG, PCT?

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Hello everyone!

I hope I can get some advice on my journey to becoming a nurse practitioner!

I'm currently a pre-nursing student at a community college and working as a caregiver in a senior home. I have just recently completed my phlebotomy training course and will need to pass the state exam and externship of 50 draws to earn the phlebotomy license for Certified Phlebotomy Technician I (CPT I).

I'm interested in gaining more certificates and taking other classes to advance my skill set. I love to learn different things and experiencing different parts of the health field. I'm considering: CNA, EKG, EMT, Patient Care Technician, specimen processor, lab technician, hospital security guard and enrolling in a medical terminology class.

I'm not financially stable since I do not have seniority at my workplace for hours. Right now I'm couch-hopping at friends' places but I can't help feeling like a burden since their families that they live with are large, so I'm trying to get a second job ASAP. I've applied to jobs at fast food restaurants (just had an interview and waiting for a call back), tea shop, medical receptionist, and a barista/cashier in a health facility and still searching for any job openings.


What are the pros and cons to doing either of these positions?

Are there positions that I should take to combine together?

Which jobs are worth it?

What would be the most economical route (ex. take a class for one job, and the hospital will give paid training for another skill; BloodSource pays for nursing school for phlebotomists that work for them for at least a year) that includes financial factors, time-saving factors and/or the best experience in serving others?

Any recommendations of other jobs?

Thank you for your time!

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CNA is good experience for nursing school, but low pay. Hospital Security doesn't count for anything. You may want to just get your CNA certification for nursing school admissions point and experience/networking for after nursing school. Honestly it all depends on what you want to do. You'll def find a job fast as a CNA in nursing home, but basically making minimum wage. CNAs can get live in jobs as a HHA (home health aid) provider. If you need money and a place to stay fast you can get your guard card, but the experience doesn't help with nursing school. CNA is a little longer than, but you'll also get experience in the basics of nursing. Idk where you are located, but jobs all depend on your location no matter what you pursue. Seeing your financial situation I'd do guard card, cna to lvn to rn to msn to dnp. A PCT position is not usually a CNA but for nursing students after they finished the 1st semester of NS. After you get your CNA certificate you can then look into EKG training, but most CNA positions don't require it. All of what you listed can be good to have if you have the money to pay for training. However, most you'll learn in nursing school like EKG and taking blood. Best wishes on your journey.

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