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  1. Hello,

    Has anyone here taken the skills test in the state of WI? I passed my CNA course last Thursday, and mailed my state testing info yesterday. I'm currently cramming through the test book again, but fairly confident. FYI-Likely I will be tested in either Janesville or Union Grove.

    I'd appreciate any information regarding the skills testing procedure in WI (i.e. do you need to gather supplies or do they have them ready for you).


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  3. by   Katie89
    I took mine in the Milwaukee area. I think it varies from testing location to location, but at ours, they had the supplies gathered. i.e. for a bed bath, they had a plastic basin with soap, etc. in it- we just had to fill it with water. There was a linen cart nearby. For things like giving a bedpan, they just had the pan and commode next to the bed. For most of the other skills, they had supplies on a big table in the center of the room.

    Here's what I remember of the general format of the day:
    We met in a classroom-like room and took the written exam. Then we were called two-by-two (one to be tested and one to act as the patient) to another room that looked like a skills lab. For that second part, the person being tested was asked to draw a card from a pile. Each card had five random skills written on it, and those were the five we had to do. Then we could just get started. I don't believe you had to do them in the order listed on the card, but I'm not quite sure. From that point on, just act like you're practicing the skills in class. Pretend the tester isn't there, and run over the steps in your mind as you do them.
    Hope that answers your question somewhat. Just ask if there's anything else you want to know specifically. Good luck on your test, you'll do great!