What's it like to work as a CNA in the hospice ?

  1. I was thinking of getting a CNA job in hospice to work with Cancer patients , I thought maybe since I'm a cheerful person I can cheer them up in there time of need , but I worry about it being back breaking work do I have to do a lot of lifting ? . If you have experience please tell me what it's like .
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  3. by   Sundance327
    I've been a CNA for 2 years and have cared for countless hospice residents. Basically, they will have their good days and they will have their bad days. The good days are where they are alert and oriented and can communicate, help roll side to side/with transfers, and be able to express their pain and discomfort. Their bad days are where they are verbally unresponsive, can't assist at all with with turns and transfers, etc. As for if this work is back breaking, yes it very well can be. When someone is close to passing and can't help at all, always make sure they have a draw sheet underneath them to help you roll them, and have someone help you (you will especially need someone else if they are a larger). In my experience, when they are in the active process of death, they stay in bed. When they are in this state and are moaning or groaning when caring for them, just rub and hold their hand and let them know it is okay. We use swabs and dip them in water to help them drink and to keep their mouths moist. It is hard work both physically and emotionally but it is so rewarding!
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    Thank you so much