What can I expect at my first clinical?

  1. I am registered for the CNA program while I wait to get into the ADN at my CC. I do have an orientation before the semester starts but I am just curious to hear from those of you who have been through it already...what should I expect to do on my first clinical or the first few? After reading so many posts about people who hate having student CNA's etc come in, I am so terrified that I'm going to get thrown into a situation and expect to get something done without making the person in charge angry. I'm concerned because I tend to stick up for myself and I am worried if someone yells at me that I will yell back !!! and totally blow my chances with anything....
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  3. by   fire_fly
    Hi, our class was very nervous before clinicals also but we all learned a lot.
    The main thing I can emphasize is just ask "Is there anything I can help you with?". Most people will find something for you to do and appreciate it. Sometimes it won't be what you've trained for - I poured coffee, cleaned off tables, emptied the trash, disposed of dirty linen, etc. and sometimes it will - we did lots of baths, feeding, vitals. Even if it wasn't something we trained for, the interaction with people was valuable - i.e. dealing with people with demetia. Most of the aides were very nice and gave us something to do. A few didn't want us to do anything, we just tagged along as best we could without getting in the way. One or two were rude. Some people don't like others observing what they do and that is maybe their personality. Others are overloaded and see students as extra work, which we may very well be. Just do not take it personally if someone is rude - talk to the residents (nursing home), see if you can switch halls and be with another CNA, ask yr. teacher, etc.
    We all came out of the clinicals with an appreciation of all the work CNAs do - it really is a lot for what responsibility they have and what they get paid, way too low, in my opinion. One of the toughest jobs out there.