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So I just finished up a CNA course and I had three clinical days. I was working in a nursing home and I helped a lady go back to her room and she said that she needed to go to the restroom before she... Read More

  1. by   rawenergy
    wow! this sounds so familiar! I had a "thing" happen my first day of clinicals too. My first day, the morning was going around and getting familiar with where everything was. then practicing blood pressures with a partner. After lunch the teacher said..'ok, go find something to do'!! I was like, ummmmm, what? what to do? i dont know? so after wandering around lost for 15 minutes I asked her for a suggestion. She said 'help with transferring and toileting'. ok! so, i went to the lunch hall and found someone to take back to her room. we got there and shes begging me to let her go to the bathroom..she had a lap restraint on so I asked the cna if its ok and he was like yea, just help her to to the bathroom. My mind was in a fog by now, this was my first time helping someone toilet, she needed help, so I helped. there was no one else there. then she was begging to get into bed...easy enough...i helped her into bed. placed the fall mat, placed bed in low position, call bell within reach. I was overwhelmed, terrified, buuutttttt, helped and succeeded. Sooo...I venture back down to where my class and teacher were and told about my experience. My teacher looked at me..pointed her finger in my face and said "you ever do anything like that again and your written up!!!". Shoot! I forgot about the college rule! NO TRANSFERS WITHOUT INSTRUCTOR OR FACILITY EMPLOYEE PRESENT!!!!! omg, not only had I just seriously screwed up, but my teacher outed me in front of facility employees and class peers. It was the lowest moment. I also left and cried for a couple hours. not knowing if this was right for me. I messed up the first day, but then went on to be the class best student during clinicals. We're new, we make mistakes, were human. We pick ourselves up and move on. Maybe not everyone has this happen in the beginning, but, like us, alot do (i