Started Clinicals in the Alzheimer's Unit

  1. hello everybody!

    i finally started clinicals today and it was awesome! my goodness . . . i've never experienced anything like it. i don't even know how to describe it . . . ok . . . i'll give it a try!

    it was a bit scary at first to see the alzheimer's patient with that dead-pan look, like no one lives there, but after a few minutes of feeding and talking the person living inside would peek out . . . you could totally see their personalities, at least their personalities now.

    the residents i worked with today ranged from non-verbal with no interaction to well spoken, pleasant, and clearly intelligent. of course they would be intelligent, they're not apes you might say. i know, but to see a "normal" person go in and out . . . totally forget where they are . . . know that they are confused . . . but still exercise enough control not to panic and remain polite.

    oh, i could go on and on. . . .

    cna'a have such an important job, and if you're really into it, it's complex requiring all of your faculties and resources . . . never let a nurse, therapist, doctor, or anyone for that matter convince you that we are just peons.
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