so worried about taking my cna exam in another state nc

  1. well i just i took the cna training in two places and that was in high school in 08 an i took it in texas but i neva challege the test or to the skills or written test yet but i will be taking it soon i dont no when i will be takin it in nc but it will be soon the end of aug and im not quite ready yet but i will be studying every day and i just want to no is thw written and skills test hard to take in nc this is my time and i would like sum advice because i have my physical therapy aide certificate and decided to work as a cna i did pca since high school but now i am willing to just become a cna for now to work myself up but if there is some helpfull advice about the skills and written test please help me because i never freak out like dis before
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  3. by   Tallync
    If you go to the Pearson Vue website, they have a NC Nurses Aide handbook for candidates of the exam. It gives sample questions and has a list of every task that you could be asked to do along with the correct process and steps. I haven't taken the test yet since my CNA class won't begin until September, but if you study and have done the tasks, you'll be fine.
    Good luck!
  4. by   sonomala
    I took the test two years ago, after being in fairly large CNA class. We all ended up taking the test at different locations and what we found out was that it really does depend on the location and who you get for a proctor. Its sad but true. The skills are all the same but the bigger the place the harder it is. For example I took mine at a small place in a small town. To pull the curtain, we had to just yank it down once (it wouldn't go any further). Some tests take place in simulated hospital rooms and any holes in the curtains they count you off. But even at my place there were a few that had taken it there with other proctors and said failed. Its really the luck of the draw. Good luck.