RN Student Just Got Job As CNA

  1. Hello all. I'm currently in my local community colleges ADN program for RN. I thought it would be great learning experience to work in the healthcare field while I attend school for the next 5 semesters. I got 3 days orientation coming up from 730-4 and then I'm on to nights from 11-730. I'm excited but nervous! Is this a good idea? It's in a Rehab Hospital. What do most CNAs start pay wise. Remember I am not certified! Thanks!
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  3. by   UniqueSoul
    That's awesome news with starting the RN program at your local community college, and now becoming a CNA. However, being that you aren't certified as a CNA, the average hourly wage can range $7-$9 (maybe $10 at the most). The hourly wage also varies on your location. Yes, becoming a CNA while attending Nursing School is a huge plus. You will gain vital knowledge of providing skilled-care to residents/patients. I'm currently a CNA and have been for nearly 2 yrs now, also enrolled in LPN school. I work 11pm-7am as well and I absolutely have no complaints about my work schedule or the work load. It's less work, and I have a couple hours to do my homework and study while I'm working. I stand solid on my work ethic so I'm always the "genie pig" for the nurses when it comes to assisting them with various procedures. And when they see you're willingness to learn, they will use you as they're pet as well. Both parties are benefiting, so there's no harm in that. I would recommend any Nursing Student or "potential" nursing student to start off as a CNA for the experience. That way you can really decide if nursing is the right career for you. I hope all of my info/advice was helpful, and I hope you enjoy your job. Wishing you the best of luck
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    Well thank you. Advice was great. I really want this to work out because I want the experience on my resume when I graduate. I will make sure to watch every procedure that I can. Sounds fun. The pay is a little above that b/c of the shift differential working 3rd shift. Pay doesn't matter much b/c I just want to me a great nurse someday! Thanks so much for replying.....