PRN nurse tech--- questions about flexibility?? please help!

  1. Hey everyone, I am a 3rd semester nursing student in an ADN program. In December I will be graduating and hopefully becoming an RN :0).

    I have a question about a Nurse tech "PRN" position. I have an interview on Monday for this position...the only thing is, there is a summer job I really wanted to go back to, and if I go back to this job, I will not be able to work or be available too much from early June to early August...I have searched "PRN" info(never had this type of job before/worked in a hospital), and I have read that some people say that you can schedule yourself off when you need to, and where some people also said they may require you to work minimum of once a month or something like that (Which I could do, I could prob work like one saturday out of June, and also I would have a open week in July where I could come back and work the whole week if they needed me to!)

    I know it really depends on what the facility I am applying to needs, but I guess what I'm asking is, do you think they will still hire me for a PRN position if I can work when they need me up until June, but then not really work in June but maybe one saturday shift to keep the job, and then maybe less than a week in July, so then I can come back in August and work til I graduate in December?? I'm thinking when I go in on Monday, that I will either say "I've already made a commitment to work somewhere in the summer, but I can come back and work when I am available, and then of course in August I will be available again." One nurse also told me this shouldn't be a problem, because as PRN you can schedule a whole block of time off, and in summer census tends to drop anyways! I realize it kind of depends on the specific hospital/situation, but any advice?? I might just drop the summer job if I really have to!!!

    please help, thanks!
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