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  1. hello;

    i will start working this weekend and i am very scare, i guess because i do not know what to expect. i just got hired i am a certified nurse assistant, however my job title is pct. i will be working on the med-surg floor which also doubles as a over flow to the oncology unit. i will be working the night shift 11pm-7am! this is my very first job since graduating from cna school, please inform me "what a typical night will be like"

    thank you!
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  3. by   pgray1229
    I worked in LTCF when I got my CNA, and I loved it. I worked in a hospital one time and that was in Pediatrics, I floated down to nursery and post partum. When they sent me upstairs to the other floors, I didn't like it.. so I went back to LTCF. I feel more comfortable knowing that I will get to know the residents, and not always changing.

    But that's my personal opinion. You will do fantastic, and you will have another CNA right there by your side. Good luck!!
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    I am a new graduate, I am a CNA, I will start working this weekend has a PCT on the med-surg floor which also doubles as a oncology unit. I will be working the 11pm-7am shift. Since this is my first job I am really scare and do not know what to expect! if someone could help me out it would really make my day !!!!

    Also I just received my acceptance letter into the LPN program I will start in Jan of 2008..