New CNA first job.

  1. Hi I just passed my the CNA exam March 18th and have had several interviews so far every interview I have been on I have been offered a job. I recently agreed to work at a LTC in merritt Island. I am very nervous I will be on the rehab floor. I am not very big so It is hard for me to move people.I am worried I am going to be slow. I got a 93.5 in my CNA class and did very well in Clinicals but that still does not make me feel better. I will have 2 days of orientation and the 2 weeks of training. I just want some advice please.
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  3. by   interceptinglight
    I happen to be a tall lady (5' 8") but some of the ladies I work with are rather petite.....they are able to do everything that any other CNA can do including turning and changing very large heavy residents and maneuvering them in hoyer lifts. Just always use proper body mechanics as you were taught and if you work in a LTC facility you will get plenty of practice. Don't be discouraged if you feel pretty sore for a while, it will get better the more experience you get. As far as being slow, you can probably count on that at first but your employer is going to be understanding about it because EVERYONE starts out slow.

    You'll find this forum is a great source of information and encouragement, so stay tuned !
  4. by   fuzzywuzzy
    Rehab is usually a piece of cake. Most of the work in moving around gets done by the patient, not you. You'll still have to use some muscle, but it's not like long term care where you're lifting people who flop around or stiffen up and make absolutely no effort to bear any weight. I think the most strenuous thing I have to do when working rehab is pull those stupid TEDs up people's legs.

    You'll definitely be slow at first- that's a given. Eventually you'll get faster- and stronger. I'm not very big either and I couldn't lift for beans when I first started. I had this 100 lb lady I needed to roll over and hold on her side so I could clean her up and change her with the other hand and I struggled. Now I have a 200 lb lady I do the same thing with and I have no problem. I'm still no body-builder, but I think after doing the same things day in and day out, your muscles get more efficient at doing those specific tasks.
  5. by   Callie Martinez
    Thank you guys so much you guys are making me feel way better!