Michigan/Ohio CNA/STNA questions

  1. hey all- I'm brand new to the site and new to the health care industry. I am an older student, half way through finishing my bachelor in psych and while finishing, I want to pursue a class/test/job as a CNA/STNA asap. I'm in need of advice... I live in Michigan, very close to Ohio and was wondering about both the cna/stna certification processes for each state. I would like to work in OH 1st and then transfer to MI later. Does OH have a residency requirement (as in actually have to live there in order to work there) in order to be qualified for certification? How long does the OH certificate last? Is it possible to have a certificate in both states at the same time? I've already searched on the MI and OH nurse aide registry websites but I couldn't find any info on the OH site. (FAQ's wasn't working when I was on) anyway, I'd appreciate any help in this. thanks
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    hey again all- just an update. I did go back onto the ohio nurse aide registry and figured out what was going on with the site but still did not find any info. I'd like to enroll in a STNA class this december so if any of you can help me out I'd definitely appreciate it! thanks!!