Just finished my cna classes this week

  1. The only problem is that now after I've done clinicals, I'm not sure if nursing is the field I want to go into. I honestly didn't enjoy the patient interaction or helping people. It wasn't that I thought it was gross or anything like that, that part was fine. I was actually told I was too standoffish with the patients. I just have a hard time making small talk with people.
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  3. by   archerychick69
    You need excellent people skills good shoes for speed and a STRONG stomach!!!!! Doing some weight lifting probably wouldnt hurt either! Everywhere ive worked, you better expect to clock in at work and hit the floor running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be prepared for every bodily fliud you can imagine! And to learn the art of calming down those who cant be calmed down! go ahead and prepare yourself to get bitten, scrached, kicked, punched, spit on, and body slamed! Its just gonna happen! And if you work in the Emergency room like me... be prepared to see some AMAZING injuries! CNA's are a rare tough breed of people! Not everyone can do it! And even if you become a nurse... you never get away from doing cna work! Plus those RNs and LPNs have it even harder! CNAs look to them for guidance so you better be a leader! The entire job is helping people. If you have no sympathy for them, then you wont last in any medical career! When youve got the patient who is screaming and you just want them to hush.. you have to keep in mind they are scared! How would you feel if everyone was telling you that you were loosing your mind? I would be sad and feel alone! Its small talk that keeps some people happy. Sometimes you just have to be understanding and know how to make that small talk!
  4. by   MidwestBetty
    Try it out for a whole. You might learn to like it or you may become better at whatever faults you think you may have.