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    I would first like to say that I love this forum. It is so helpful and I have learned so much from everyone else's experiences. =) I'm a week away from completing my CNA training through the red cross and am very excited to start working! I currently live in MD but will be moving to Boston in June. I was wondering about people's experiences with salaries and job hunting in Boston. I am really hoping to work in a hospital in Boston (especially the children's center!) and was wondering if anyone had an experience with the hospital's policy for new hires. I called a number of the hospitals and they said the training was transferable so I think I just have to fill out one of the transfer forms you all have mentioned? Any insight into job hunting and salaries in Boston would be very very helpful! I have no previous experience in nursing but I have worked as a scribe in an ER for 2 years. Thanks so much! I look foward to hearing about your experiences and advice.
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