Job Interview Tips?

  1. I just received a call from a nursing home I dropped my application off at today; I'm scheduled to interview tomorrow at 10. I've never really had to do a formal interview before, I've just struck up conversations with the owner and they hired me on spot. So I'm a littler nervous - any interview tips? What kind of questions are asked when interviewing for a CNA?

    I plan on wearing khaki pants and a fitted button-down tomorrow; I'm guessing this will look okay - not too dressy but not too casual.

    Also, I have a friend who is encouraging me to apply for a CNA II job (I am certified as a CNA I and II) at my city's hospital. I'm going to submit an application, but I'm a little confused. If I am offered a job at the nursing home, should I accept it but let them know I'm also applying to the hospital for two days a week of 12h shifts at the hospital? I don't want to turn down one job offer and not be guaranteed another.
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  3. by   CNANY
    I wouldn't tell the nursing home you're applying at the hospital. It's not unusual when looking for work to apply at several places. Them knowing you applied elsewhere is not to your benefit and really none of their business.

    The interview will be just like any other job interview. They may ask you what is your strength and weakness, how you handle stress. They may ask about prior jobs and what you liked best about it and what you didn't like about it and why you left.

    They want to know that you'll be dedicated, caring, on time, flexible with scheduling, dependable and qualified to take care of their residents.

    If they want to do a background check on you its a good sign they may make an offer. It takes a few days so you'll have time to hear back from the hospital.

    Good Luck.
  4. by   MissHaleyDawn
    I was offered a full-time job for second shift.

    I'm still going to apply to the hospital though. My uncle and cousin were telling me to accept this job and wait to see if I get on at the hospital. Since the hospital is two days a week, and this job would be rotating days (5 one week, 3 the next), the hospital may be willing to work with me.

    And it's not like I plan on being at this job forever; if I can get my foot in the door at the hospital and they can't work with my schedule, it's best to go over to the hospital, since that's where I'll be applying at when I graduate nursing school. I need my name to recognized there ultimately.
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