Good companies to work for? Oregon, Washington

  1. Hi. I'm an Oregon CNA who's been working for an Assisted Living Facility for over a year. I've also been a CNA over a year. The ALF has been great for:

    1) Gaining experience
    2) Learning to look out for the health of residents
    3) Enjoying my beloved residents and coworkers

    however, I'm ready to move on. I now have experience. Due to weird Oregon laws about ALF's I've been allowed to be a non-certified med-aide, do crazy dressing changes, etc. in addition to caring for up to 30 residents per floor (6-8 on Q-two-hour toileting and partial transfer assist, most with more infrequent needs). I also have stellar performance reviews, IN WRITING , so I can prove the quality of my work is good without alerting managers I'm applying other places. I'm just tired of running my butt off for low, low pay.

    Clearly the best outcome of getting a new job would be for me NOT to run my butt off, and to get paid well, but for the right price I am willing to run my butt off and be happy with that.

    So are there any tips about the best companies to work for in Portland, Oregon, or in Bellingham, Washington? I live in Portland, and am thinking of relocating to Bellingham. I would consider home care, hospital work, or LTC.

    I'd love a place where:
    *Management and staff have a mostly cordial relationship
    *Most staff are pretty concerned about quality of resident care, and care about their residents
    *Staff have the equipment and support necessary so that they don't have to injure themselves to get their jobs done

    And that about covers it. Anyone?

    PS- If anyone is looking for an awesome place to be a caregiver in Portland, on their way to being a nurse or CNA, I have tips on that!
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