First CNA job!

  1. Hey guys!!! I just recently got my CNA license through a career center at my highschool a few months ago. Instead of going out and getting a job right when school let out, I went for a 7 week visit to my boyfriend in England.
    Now that I'm back home, I'm ready to do some job hunting for my first CNA position!!
    Do any of you have any advice about questions to ask, things to look for in a nursing home facility, etc?
    What are some things that you wish you knew on your first day as an official CNA?
    Also, is it appropriate to ask how much they pay if/when I get an interview?
    My boyfriend is thinking about visiting me for 2 weeks in November for Thanksgiving, but it's not set in stone. If he is able to, I'd like to take those two weeks off of work. Should I go ahead and mention it now even though it might not happen?
    Sorry for all of the questions!!
    I'll take any advice you're willing to give!!!
    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   ElsaKay
    I would ask what the nurse/patient ratio and aide/patient ratio is. Also ask what type of patient/resident you will be working with...long-term residents, short term med/surg, lots of psych issues?

    I think that it is only appropriate to ask about pay/benefits info after you have been offered the job. That is when the power is in your hands, and you have the bargaining tools. AFTER you have been offered a job is when you should ask about days off, insurance that's offered, hours available, how often you can be expected to be called off, possibilities for raises, etc.
  4. by   rivershark2005
    Personally, in every single interview I have ever had, I have asked about pay. There have been times that I have walked away from an interview knowing that I would get a call but that I would not take the job, simply because the pay wasn't high enough. Of course, those were in my welding days. I am currently at my lowest paying job since high school.

    As far as mentioning the time to be requested off, I wouldn't bring it up. Know that things are set in stone before you ask for two weeks off. You're not likely to get it, but you can still request it. Also, if they don't give you the time off, do NOT call in during that period for ANY reason. I have seen people get fired over their first call-in when it was during a time that they had requested off. I have fired people for it. I don't know how things work in healthcare, but that has always signaled a lack of commitment to me.

    Now, things to look for. Cleanliness!!! This is the first thing I looked for in a facility. I only applied at half of the LTCs in my town because of cleanliness. Also, when you walk in, take a deep breath. If you smell feces or urine, walk right back out. If you smell air freshener, be concerned. The facility I work at has a scent to it, I'm not going to lie, but it's not a smell of soiled briefs/linens, must, or anything like that. It's the smell of old people. Ask anyone here, old people give off an odor. It's not an unpleasant scent or anything, but once you smell it, you will know it.

    Congratulations on looking for a job. I got one, so I know there are jobs available. I haven't had a recordable job in three years and I got a call within a week and a half of applying.
  5. by   redhead31293
    Thanks for all the advice!!! I went and picked up an application this morning at a nursing home down the road from me. It seems very nice inside, and I didn't notice any odd smells!!! Hooray!!! lol! Do you guys think I'll have trouble getting a job because I have no past work experience? I feel awful because I can't fill out half of the application because I have never had a job!!