feel like a leaf in the wind/help!

  1. Hi all,hope that things are healthy and ok out there for you!I just finished my last day of my c.n.a program yesterday after 6 months of uber stress...you all know what I mean!The relief I feel at being done and not having to get up at 5am anymore is huge.My question is this..any of you feel so overwhelmed by all the choices of where to work..home care/l.t.c/hospital etc paired up with lotsa anxiety?My experience of my two months of practicum wasn't great and some things that my clinical instructer said really have um..sunk in and to be honest Ifeel almost like I want to take another course to put off working lol!!Thanks for any feedback..things are tense at home too,finances are lean but not too shabby,like I can take a few weeks to research places,wind down and get my confidence up again.take care all.
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  3. by   ccyrrus
    Congratulations on getting your CNA! You do want to weigh all of your options, and decide which job environment is right for you. But here is one thing to consider: Where I live, a person usually is not considered for home health care, or hospitals, unless they have worked as a CNA for at least one year. So most new CNA's get their experience at LTC facilities. As I said, it may be different where you live. Good luck and keep us posted!