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  1. so i finally decided on a program to get my CNA certification with, and i'm super excited! unfortunately, classes don't begin until july.

    i don't have the list of things required for my program, but aside from scrubs and comfortable shoes...what else did you have to buy? did you need to buy a stethoscope or bandage scissors or any of that stuff? if you needed to, where did you buy your stethoscope? i'm from the cleveland/akron area and everyone told me to go on allheart.com because they're pretty cheap and have discounted prices, esp. for littman scopes which everyone seems to like. and what about shoes? i would really like to try them on in the store first before ordering them online.

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  3. by   couldntbhappier
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    [FONT=Lucida Console]Hello, Hello! I read your post & meant to reply earlier - I'm starting my CNA classes in a little over a week. Our "school supplies" include: scrubs (are optional), clean close-toed shoes, a watch with a second hand, a notebook, & a stethescope (recommended but not required). I got all of the above & instead of buying new shoes, I'm wearing a pair of Sketchers I have, until I get a job lined up. I'd like to wear crocs but where I'm at, I'm learning some places won't let you wear crocs to work. I work retail now & I love my crocs so I just might cry if I can't wear them at my next job! As for where I bought everything - we have a place in our local mall I went to. I don't blame you for wanting to try things on first - I did, too. Maybe you can go to a place that sells scrubs, try some on, make note of the size & brands, & order through a catalogue??? Fortunately, since classes start in July, you'll have a little bit of time... Congratulations on finding a CNA program you like, by the way!!!
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    My class requires a stethoscope, scrubs, shoes, and a watch with a second hand.

    I bought a Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope from Lights and Sirens Medical Supplies on eBay (about $70 including shipping). It's probably a little much for the roles of a CNA, but I consider it an investment. If you're looking for something that costs a little less, I've heard that the Littmann Lightweight SE is good.

    I own a couple of pairs of scrubs from WalMart, but I plan on getting a couple of pairs of Dickies (their Hip Flip/elastic waist scrub pants look super comfortable. ***I hate drawstring scrub pants!***). I also own a pair of Crocs Profesional shoes and I'm hoping that they are okay to wear in the places I'll be doing clinicals at.

    Haven't bought the watch yet, but I'll probably get one that's easy to clean and is water resistant.