Does CNA program in Contra Costa College train in acute care?

  1. I want to help elderly people, so I'm quite sure any CNA program will have me trained in long term care or skill nursing facility. I plan to take CNA training in Castro Valley Adult School, CA. This school is close to Las Positas College, where I'm taking classes for my AA degree. Another option is that I can take CNA program in Contra Costra College, which takes about 40 miles to drive. Also, I have BOGG WAIVER at that school, so the class is basically free.

    I'm ambivalent of my choice. Castro Valley Adult School apparently doesn't train in acute care. It's not like I really desire to work in a hospital, but I think it will be nice if I am trained in acute care. My patient care experience can expand. The question is does Contra Costa College has acute care training.

    I emailed the nursing director there, but it may take a while before she replies to me. Therefore, if anyone who graduated CNA program in Contra Costa College, I hope you can share your experience with me. Thank you very much.

    The CNA program in City College of San Francisco has acute care training, but I don't want to waste my money on toll fee.
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