CNA vrs Orderlies

  1. I went and talked to some nursing homes and the two local hospitals today. One nursing home offers in house CNA training and said they had just finished a class and probably wouldn't have another one for a few months.
    I did get to talk to the ADON of the smaller of the two hospitals. I told her that I was pre nursing and wanted to see it from the inside before school started and I think it was a decent interview. She told me that they do not hire CNA's they train in house non certified Orderlies. I asked her for a synopsis of their job description and it is essentially is a CNA position. I need to go back and talk to the DON after she gets off vacation.
    I guess my question is... is this standard practice? If my wife lost her job tommorrow and I was stuck in this position would I be able to take this experience elsewhere and have it recognized?
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  3. by   Psychboi85
    I'm currently a CNA at a hospital. My mom works at a Doctor's office as a MA. There is a big difference between us though: I am certified by the state of TX to be a CNA, and my mom was trained at the Doctor's office to work as a MA. She has no certificate or anything like that to prove she can do those skills. I think you're in a similar situation. The main difference would be that you have a state exam that you must pass to be a CNA, the other you just have to prove that you are competent for whoever is training you. I would recommend the CNA over the in-house Orderly training mainly because alot of places require the state certification.