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  1. Hello everyone I am taking my state test Sept 7th and I was wondering if anyone could help me out and give me a general idea about what to expect on the written portion of the exam. I feel comfortable with the skills but I am not sure what to study for on the written portion. I live in Kentucky and taking the test at the JCTC Downtown testing site. Im not trying to cheat but any pointers on what to study would be awesome! thanks in advance anyone!
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  3. by   emily12345
    I took my test in nj so I'm not sure how different they are. I can't imagine a huge difference but honestly I barely studied for te state exam. I was more nervous for my skills test then the written exam. As I was taking the test I kept saying to myself "great I got this wrong, that wrong, this one is wrong...etc". The questions were weirdly worded so I chose the one that best made sense. My instructor said her tests were harder then the state exam so I thought well if I can easily pass her exams I'll be fine for the state exam. Well I didn't feel too confident while taking the state exam but I chose the best possible answers and I passed first try. My advice is dont stress too much. Breathe and relax. Chose the best answer to each question and good luck!
  4. by   JessyPaige_93
    Thanks! I just really hope I get it
  5. by   laineym
    I took mine in 2011, but from what I can remember, it was easy (or at least for me it was.) It was a multiple choice test that took me about 15-ish minutes to complete. There were several scenario questions (basically common sense), some questions that test your skill knowledge (if you know your skills, you'll be fine), and maybe there were a couple questions about medical terms (can't remember exactly, sorry.) Personally for me, I didn't think it was difficult. It was nearly on the same par as taking tests in class, but a wee bit trickier (just read questions carefully.) Good luck!