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  1. Today must be my lucky day! I got two calls for a job interview ,both from the same hospital but different branches and both of them are nurse aid positions. God am so excited!
    I have been wanting to work for this place and really do not know why. I have been looking up CNA interview questions ,most of them seem like they want to find out about your personality - "what would you do in this situation?" "how did you handle that?"
    I think I should be able to handle that part. Is there any nurse aide job specific question? Like technical, for example, when you put on a new patient gown, do you put it on the weak side or the strong side? That was the only thing that I could think of now.
    Also, I know it has been discussed here before, what should I wear? I am going with formal pants and shirt.
    Any help would be appreciated. Have a great day everyone!
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  3. by   jshort6320
    Good luck on your interview! I am a new grad but I did have one interview so far. The CNA asked me a few scenario questions. He just asked me "If you were in the bathroom with a patient and you heard another patient screaming for help in the other room, what would you do?" He also asked me "If a nurse tells you she's really busy and needs you to give a patient medication, what do you do?" As for the interview, you should always wear your scrubs.
  4. by   Jlsmithh
    Scrubs for an interview? Ive never worn my scrubs. Just wear Nice pants/slacks and a nice blouse....
  5. by   Weezy24
    thank you for replying. I will look into the questions !!
  6. by   Weezy24
    thanks Jlsmithh. Yeah, I am not going to wear my scrubs, I will be wearing a formal pant and shirt.
  7. by   Weezy24
    Could I wear like a formal skirt and a blouse to a hospital interview? Sorry if it sounds silly, but I remember someone on here or somewhere saying not skirts but only formal pants. Cannot seem to find it, or may be I misread it.
  8. by   Summer2022
    I don't see why there would be a problem wearing a nice skirt and blouse. I think as long as you're dressed in appropriate interview attire, you'll be fine. I was recently hired at a hospital and during that interview they asked me questions like "Tell me a time when....". For example, one question was "Tell me a time when you went out of your way to help a patient that wasn't assigned to you." I was never asked any clinical type questions. The hiring manager even started out the interview stating that they would not be asking any of those types of questions. Good luck to you!
  9. by   Weezy24
    Great, thanks a lot
  10. by   jshort6320
    Well of course you can wear formal attire, but from what I heard.. It's better to go in your scrubs. At least that's what my sister and instructor said and she's been a Nurse for a few years. Obviously it's up to you though. Also, each hospital interviews differently.. But I highly recommend you study for "scenario" type of questions.. Everyone I have ever known who has had an interview as a Nurse or CNA has ALWAYS had scenario type of questions.. If you don't have those types of questions then great.. It doesn't hurt to study for them though.
  11. by   KeepCalmCarryOn
    I just had 2 interviews for a PCT (CNA) position on telemetry units at 2 different hospitals. Whew, I was so nervous! I have never worked in healthcare before, only customer service. And I don't have my CNA certification either, so I really had to ace my interviews! I thought I would tell you some of the questions they asked me! Like Summer2022 said, they will probably ask you a bunch of scenario questions and ask you to be very specific. You can draw on any past experience, but I stuck to my work experience because it was most relevant. First of all, she asked me why I wanted to work in healthcare and why that specific hospital (do some research on the facility). She also asked me to: Tell her about a time I: Was faced with a conflict with co-worker, management, or a customer (patient) and how I handled it; Had many important priorities and how I handled them; Felt proud of something I had done for a customer; Stood up for something I believed in; Had to work as a team to accomplish a task; Was faced with a very challenging task; etc.
    The hardest part about these questions is thinking of a specific example, and quickly. Sometimes you may draw a blank! In that situation, just focus on the main idea of the question or generic examples and elaborate on what it means to you, e.g. teamwork is about supporting, teaching and helping each other.
    I hope this helps! Maybe you've already had your interview and if so, I hope you did great! If not, good luck!! :-D
  12. by   Weezy24
    thanks a lot jshort6320. I am sure your suggestion about wearing scrubs is well-researched. But I checked with a friend who works for the same hospital and she recommended wearing formals for the interview day!
  13. by   Weezy24
    Thank you for taking time to reply KeepCalmCarryOn.
    How did your interviews go and have you heard back ? Looks like you did great!
    I am also going to be interviewing for PCT position and atleast one of them is in the Cardio--Vascular ICU. I have done so much research so far and been mentally asking myself questions like you said and talking out loud in the shower, when I drive hehe!
    I keep thinking of all possibilities. I have just been worried if they will ask me very specific patient care questions, I remember most of what I learned ,some little details might have slipped my mind. Nothing that is not common sense.
    But one of my interviews is Thursday! I am excited and nervous.
  14. by   cna777
    jshort6320: Could i know what did u answer them to these 2 questions?