1. Hey y'all! So its that time of year for me to renew my CNA license. Since being approved I had to quit my full-time position after only 3 months due to relocating for my husbands job. My license is still for Wyoming but their BON says I can renew without being a resident.

    So here's the deal: I have 16 hours under my belt from my job in 2015, but I haven't done the required 24 continuing education units. Wyoming BON's site states this:

    "You can get CNA CEUs on-line; just use your favorite search engine (i.e. Google) Type in CNA Continuing Education. Some have fees associated with them usually around $10.00 a CEU."

    That's it. No other information! But don't the courses need to be certified of approved -- something? Anything! Do y'all have a site you like for ceu's?
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