CNA & just got into nursing school

  1. SO I am a CNA at an LTC where I live and have been for about four months now. It took a whole or my coworkers to warm up to me and I ma and still make plenty of mistakes but in learning. I just got into a nursing school that be been working toward getting into te past three years. But here's te problem. I have pretty bad self esteem issues/confidence/suffer from anxiety ad depression. And I'm wondering if is normal that with these things doing my job would be more difficult and it is normal I feel this way. I am really afraid that I do not care enough about my patients and that I dot give them proper care. Te reason I say this is because I want to do y 100% best on their care but I so tend to get overwhelmed and skip over things at times-like mouth care bc I'm overwhelmed by my workload. Then I am afraid nursing is not meant for me as I feel like I've internalized a Lorna guilt for not always doing the best job or feeling bothered Doig someone's care. Afraid that I will be a crappy nurse who keeps this habit. Also afraid I am too stupid for nursing. I'm struggling so much in my last prerequisite- microbiology right now. I don't know f I am just going through a funk or if I should just not pursue nursing. I want to e a nurse. It is duh an honorable profession. But I do not want to feel like I would be incompetent. Anyway- just wet back on my antidepressants. Hopefully that helps. Thanks for listening guys I just feel lame and incompetent. Then I have my days where I enjoy myself and what I'm doing.
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